GERMAN CURLING ASSOCIATION (DCV) - Organizer - DCV is the governing body of Curling in Germany and member of Deutscher Olympischer Sport Bund (DOSB / National Olympic Committee) and the World Curling Federation.

CURLING CLUB HAMBURG (CCH) - Host - As member of the DCV CCH is hosting the 2022 German Masters in its 4-Rink hall which has been completly renovated in 2010. CCH is the biggest Curling Club in Germany.

CURLING CHAMPIONS TOUR (CCT) - TOUR Organizer - The CCT has established a unique cohesive competition series. The CCT cooperates with the North American World Curling Tour. Thus participating teams have the opportunity to credit their own ranking with the prize money of both tours. Together with its partners, local committees and athletes CCT provides a premium product of a clean and telegenic Olympic Winter Sport with high potential for growth.